Man Gets Shot At After Catching Two Men Stealing Neighbors Wheels

Man Gets Shot At After Catching Two Men Stealing Neighbors Wheels

Somewhere around 5:30 AM a Cyprus, Texas man caught a couple of thieves stealing the wheels off of his neighbor’s truck. He was investigating a motion alert from his security system. He can be seen by a doorbell camera asking them what they are doing. Their response is that they are leaving.

The man then says, “You’re getting in your car right now? I suggest you do that.” Almost immediately after that several shots are fired in his direction. (I counted six from the video’s sound) The man was standing near the corner of what could be the home’s brick garage. He quickly dives for cover and appears to have been unhurt. The suspects are then seen driving away. They managed to get one wheel off the truck and almost got a second.

While this man did stop his neighbor from losing a second wheel and tire, he almost got shot for his trouble. This is of course the danger involved with confronting any criminals in the act. You just don’t know what they might be capable of. What was especially interesting was the man’s reaction to the shots fired. The video clearly shows that the suspects got off two shots before the man reacted in any way, meaning that he didn’t even begin to move until after the sound of the second shot. This is not to imply that he was slow. Rather it appears that he didn’t see the first one coming at all and whoever fired the shots was able to get off a second before he could react.

If I might speculate a bit, the suspects were taking the front wheels off of a truck (at night) that was backed into the driveway so it would have been easy for one of them to pull a gun and quickly step out from behind the front of the truck with his gun already leveled at the man.

What the man did right that likely prevented him from being shot multiple times was that he didn’t approach the suspects. He stayed very near cover. Yes, he was exposed to the first two shots but he was able to very quickly get behind cover and within 2 or 3 seconds was able to get back into the house even though he fell on the way to the door.

If you are going to investigate that bump in the night outside your home, don’t approach any criminals and maintain the best tactical advantage you can. Stuff is not worth dying over.

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