Man Shoots in Self-Defense After Knife Attack

Man Shoots in Self-Defense After Knife Attack

Chicago police in the Austin area said a 39-year-old man shot a 23-year-old man in self-defense after being attacked with a knife.

The attack occurred just before 9 A.M. in the 1700 block of North Lockwood Ave. Police say the wounded 23-year-old was taken to Mount Sinai hospital in critical condition.

Information at this point is still limited, as it is unknown whether or not the 39-year-old has a valid carry license and if he will face any charges as well as the suspect.

Why the attack occurred is still yet to be found, but this is a lesson about keeping distance during an altercation. If your aggressor begins to close the proximity between you and them, hopefully, your hand-to-hand skills are good enough to avoid lacerations.

Otherwise, this is also a good reminder to get out on the range and keep training as much as you can. By now, we all know, of course, ammunition is not readily accessible all the time, so make the time you do spend actually out there count. You can still get good training sessions with dry firing as well.

Shooting Drills and Tests for the Indoor Range

With how this situation happened, training with a moving target and/or shooting at a target while on the move are beneficial techniques. As we always say, brush up on your local listings regarding self-defense shooting and what can/cannot shield from charges.

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