Range Safety Officer Shot, Killed During USPSA Match

Range Safety Officer Shot, Killed During USPSA Match

A Range Safety Officer working a match in New York recently was the victim of a negligent discharge. The 67-year-old was a long term member of the indoor club hosting the competition. He was struck once and died at the scene.

Both the range and the media labeled it an accident and, of course, by that, they meant that it was not intentional, and there is no doubt about that. However, we all know that this was the result of someone negligently handling their firearm. The four universal safety rules are not hard to follow, but this is a good reminder that we can never let ourselves get careless with them.

Even the most experienced shooters must work to maintain their focus and not allow themselves to be distracted. Again, this is not difficult to do. Never allow yourself to get sloppy with them.

And millions of new gun owners also need proper instruction now, both in the safety rules and good shooting technique. So take a new shooter to the range. Teach them how to handle safely and shoot their new gun. Let’s get them off to a good, safe start in the shooting sports, self-defense, or whatever other interest they have.

Like you really need an excuse to go to the range anyway?

These types of “accidents” are extraordinarily rare. Let’s all renew our efforts to keep it that way.

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