San Francisco Robbery Victim Takes Gun From Armed Robber; Shoots And Kills Him

San Francisco Robbery Victim Takes Gun From Armed Robber; Shoots And Kills Him

A San Francisco man was the victim of an attempted armed robbery as he left a Neiman Marcus store earlier this month. A group of men approached him as he exited the store, possibly for the Rolex watch he was wearing.

The victim struggled with one of the suspects and managed to take his gun from him, turn it on him and shoot him multiple times. The rest of the group then fled in a getaway car. Officers nearby heard the shots and were able to respond immediately. The suspect was treated at the scene and transported to a hospital but died from his injuries. Police recovered three firearms at the scene.

The deceased attacker was identified as having a long arrest record and had six pending cases before the San Francisco courts.


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The aftermath of Asian self-defense. Asian man temporarily handcuffed. 21-year-old attempted robbery suspect, Vermond Jones of San Francisco died after a shooting in San Francisco’s Union Square area on Thursday, October 1, according to FOX2 KTVU. . Sources from The Marina Times San Francisco stated an Asian man wearing a Rolex watch exited Neiman Marcus in the 100 block of Geary Boulevard at Grant Avenue around 5 pm. A group of African-American suspects then tried to rob the Asian man at gunpoint. . A struggle soon ensued between multiple suspects and the Asian man who eventually managed to wrestle a gun away from Jones and shot him point-blank multiple times in the chest. The other individuals in the group jumped into a getaway car and drove off. . Nearby officers heard the gunshots and immediately responded with backup to the area where they found Jones suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. First responders rendered aid and transported Jones to the hospital where he later died from his injuries, according to FOX2 KTVU. . Investigators interviewed an involved party and several other witnesses who stated a physical altercation between the suspects and victim ended in one suspect being shot. Police later stated they recovered three firearms from the scene. . Vermond Jones was also a suspect in a May 5 home invasion robbery in Fremont. According to CBS SF BayArea, Jones also has six other separate cases pending out of the Superior Court in San Francisco, including multiple arrests for robbery, burglary, and stolen vehicle possession, along with grand theft, false imprisonment, and child endangerment. Sources also said the majority of the victims were Asian as well.

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I guess San Francisco needs more gun control laws because the ones they have apparently aren’t working. It’s a sad comment on their effectiveness that the only way a law-abiding citizen in San Francisco can legally get a gun to protect himself out in public is to take one away from whoever is using it to attack you.

I’ve said before that attempting to draw on an already drawn gun is risky. So is trying to disarm someone, but with proper training, it can be done. But, if you can disarm an attacker, are you still facing a deadly force threat that justifies a deadly force response?

In this case, with multiple attackers and three other guns found at the scene, it would certainly appear so.

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