Supervisors Considering Allowing Concealed Carry in Tehama County Parks

Supervisors Considering Allowing Concealed Carry in Tehama County Parks

The supervising board for Tehama County, CA is discussing the final draft of a new ordinance that allows any person licensed to conceal carry a firearm to do so in the county’s parks. Currently, the ordinance only permits the possession or use of firearms by peace officers.

This ordinance would be a great benefit for the safety of individuals and their peers for increased protection by licensed concealed carriers. The current ordinance only risks the true safety of those unarmed.

How many peace officers are ever-present at these parks? Let’s not forget the abundance of park space. Are they able to respond in time to conflict with, say, an individual breaking the ordinance looking to cause harm in an area not readily defended?

With areas grand and open as parks, restricting the ability for licensed concealed carriers to protect and defend themselves as well as fellow park users against trouble only puts more people at risk. The more law-abiding citizens are able to arm themselves, the more each individual increases their and others’ safety.

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