Traveling for Memorial Day? Don’t End Up On TSA’s Twitter!

Traveling for Memorial Day? Don’t End Up On TSA’s Twitter!

Are you planning on traveling over Memorial Day Weekend? Will that travel include hopping on a plane? Well, make sure you don’t end up like these travelers that get caught going through TSA checkpoints.

It is pretty simple. Start packing with an empty bag. I fly very often, at least once a month, and that is exactly what I do. Whatever bag I am using as a carry-on or checked bag, I make sure it is completely empty and check all the small nooks and crannies to ensure no rouge rounds are hiding anywhere. Or to make sure there’s not a pocket knife stuck somewhere that I forgot. That gives me the peace of mind that I know exactly what is in my bag.

And if you do have to fly with firearms, there’s no reason to stress about it. It (usually) is a fairly painless process which I go over in the video below. I pay particular attention to the amount (weight) of ammo I bring with me as of late. Recently, I had a Southwest agent check the weight of my ammo for the first time ever, and I was just over the allotted 11 LBS. So I had to give up a few boxes of 300 BLK, which I was not happy about.

So, if you are flying somewhere for Memorial Day Weekend, make sure you can enjoy it by going through your bags, double and triple-checking to make sure you don’t have any prohibited items. Don’t let your carry gun end up on TSA’s Twitter account!

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