[WATCH] Handyman Vows to Leave Portland after Beating from Antifa Mob

[WATCH] Handyman Vows to Leave Portland after Beating from Antifa Mob

After completing a repair job, handyman Joseph Hall, 53, was driving home before being cut off into the middle of a march. It was a “Justice for Patrick Kimmons” march, which is held weekly in Portland protesting Kimmons’ death by Portland police officers.

The vehicle that cut Hall off followed him into a crowd of Antifa where a vehicle blocked his path.

“And all of a sudden I have three or four people around me,” Hall said.

They were carrying what he believed were AR and AK-style rifles. It took Hall a bit to realize he drove into a protest, where many of the people accused him of trying to run them over.

Being surrounded, Hall, a concealed carry permit holder, grabbed his .38 handgun from his pocket. The handgun had non-lethal rounds, to which Hall told the crowd through many warnings to let him safely pass through.

Through video, Hall can be seen finally being able to pass through before a member in the crowd throws an object at Hall’s truck. This caused Hall to leave his truck and point his weapon at another crowd member before they subdued him. Hall would eventually be able to leave but not without injury.

“I’m done working in Portland. I’m shutting my business down and I’m probably not going to be coming back,” Hall said.

An important factor of self-defense is being aware of your surroundings. It is unfortunate he was cut off into the crowd, plus being followed while at it. Still, you must keep your guard up. Being aware of news as well as scanning the area while driving would have probably made Hall tread a little more lightly, seeing as though the march aforementioned is a weekly occurrence. 

Carrying non-lethal rounds here is also rather counterintuitive. Guns are generally looked at as deadly weapons anyways, so it works backward in a sense to use them when defending your life. Also, with a crowd armed and large as this one, reacting and leaving your vehicle after someone throws something at it on your way out abandons all sorts of safety. Situational awareness is such a crucial factor of self-defense that is so easy to overlook. Once you are able to better assess the danger of an area, you should consider the consequences of taking pride in your ego rather than the safety of your life.

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