What Caliber Will Your Stimulus Check Come In?

What Caliber Will Your Stimulus Check Come In?

With searches for $1,200 firearms popping up, we thought we should offer some suggestions for those doing stimulus check gun math.

With that being said, we have a list of great shotguns, handguns, and rifles that are in stock (at time of publication) that scratch the $1,200 itch along with suggestions for the $600 (you can grab two!) $400 (3) and $300 (4) marks.


Shotgun: Browning Maxus

The Browning Maxus is one sweet, sweet scattergun.

The top of the line when it comes to Browning’s modern gas-operated semi-automatic 12-gauge shotguns, the Maxus series use a Power Drive gas system capable of cycling a variety of target game and slug loads. While several models run higher than a dozen Franklins, others in the Maxus line such as the Stalker are right on the money.


Rifle: Colt LE6920

Colt LE6290

With an M4 chrome-lined barrel that has a 1:7 rate of twist making your ammo choices virtually unlimited, the LE6920 is a classic.

Despite a pre-COVID rush that saw many of Colt’s rifles snapped up once word circulated that the company was temporarily switching their line away from the commercial market, we still have some Colt LE6920 semi-automatic AR-15 series tactical rifles listed in stock.


Pistol: Sig Sauer Legion

Sig Sauer’s Legion series of pistols are just about as nice as they come.

An upgrade across Sig Sauer’s P-series pistol line, the Legion line comes standard with upgraded triggers, grips, sights, and ergonomics to make something special. For example, the P220 Legion as shown comes standard with a proprietary Legion gray coating, custom G-10 grips, Grayguns P-SAIT trigger and X-RAY night sights.



Shotgun: CZ 1012

CZ 1012

CZ’s 1012 semi-auto shotgun is new to the market and is available in a variety of finishes, with the bronze with Turkish walnut furniture shown.

Using a gas-less inertia operating system that utilizes a spring within the bolt to store energy during the shotgun’s recoil, the CZ 1012 is tuned to run a wider variety of shells from light-recoiling target loads up to the 3-inch magnums currently on the market. Best yet, in most versions, it comes in just below $600 smackers.


Rifle: Remington 700 SPS

Remington 700 SPS

The Remington Model 700 SPS is available in a ton of flavors across most popular centerfire hunting rifle calibers.

The Remington 700 SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic), as its name would imply, takes the company’s famous Model 700 action and blends it with an ergonomic synthetic stock with overmolded panels. Offered in everything from .243 to 7mm Mag, most models come with an externally adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger system.


Pistol: HK VP9SK


HK’s VP9SK series, the company’s subcompact version of the wildly popular VP9, is a solid candidate for a $600 9mm handgun that is both reliable and concealable.

The double-stack striker-fired Hecker & Koch VP9 series of handguns was introduced a few years ago and has gone on to see a lot of success on the consumer market. Its chopped-down VP9SK subcompact models feature a more concealable design with a shorter barrel, abbreviated Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail, and a compact grip frame while retaining adjustable backstraps and lateral grip panels and the ability to use standard VP9 and HK P30 mags.



Shotgun: Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500 bantam turkey

The Mossberg 500 series is about as go-to as it gets when it comes to a durable pump-action shotgun.

The Mossberg Model 500 and its Maverick 88 step-brother have a rock-solid reputation when it comes to pump-action shotguns for hunting and home defense purposes. We have several models, such as the Bantam Turkey in 20 gauge and 410, still in stock.


Rifle: Ruger American Standard

Ruger American Standard

Ruger’s American Rifle series brings a lot to the table for sportsmen.

The 100% American-made Ruger American Standard is a bolt-action rifle that features an ergonomic lightweight synthetic stock with classic looks and modern fore-end contouring and grip serrations. It offers a Ruger Marksman adjustable trigger along with a hammer-forged free-floating barrel. Prices start just under $400.


Pistol: Ruger American Compact

Ruger American Compact

As a great companion to the company’s American Rifle, Ruger’s American Compact pistol, available in both 9mm and .45ACP, is ideal.

Packed with features that include a stainless steel slide with a black nitride finish, ambidextrous surface controls, Novak sights, and nickel-Teflon coated mags, Ruger’s American Compact is a serious striker-fired handgun that is often forgotten in the shuffle. Available in both 9mm and 45 ACP, it runs about $400, new.



Shotgun: Rossi Single-Shot

Rossi Tuffy single-shot shotgun

Rossi’s single-shot break-action shotguns, such as the Tuffy, shown here, are extremely functional and well under $300.

Rossi has long taken the place once held by company’s like NEF and H&R to become a serious supplier of single-shot break-action shotguns. These popular guns, easy to master and lightning-fast to come to the shoulder due to their lightweight, can be had for well under $300. In all seriousness, they are more like $175ish.

Rifle: Savage Axis

Savage Axis 6.5

Savage’s Axis line of rifles may be described as “economical” but they punch up out of their weight class. Take this Compact Axis in 6.5 CM for instance.

The Axis by Savage is a light, low-price centerfire bolt action rifle. Sporting carbon steel 22-inch barrel in their standard format and a 20-inch barrel in the Compact series, they run a gamut of chamberings including .223 Rem, 30-06 Spring, 308 Win, and 6.5 Creedmoor. They are also ready to take home at prices around $300 in most cases.


Pistol: Ruger EC9S

Ruger EC9S

Talking about a super concealable $299 9mm pistol with no-frills made by a reputable American company and the Ruger EC9S pops into mind.

The Ruger EC9S is perhaps one of the best deals in the $300ish compact handgun neighborhoods, especially when you look at the fact that it is a slim 7+1 capacity 9mm with integrally machined sights.


If you are full-up on guns but are still looking for ammo, optics, and mags, you can still get great deals as stocks of both are constantly being updated. For even more savings, check out our selection of thousands of used guns in stock and ready to ship, where you can really save your cash.

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