Wife Shoots Knife-Wielding Man in Neck as He Charged at Husband

Wife Shoots Knife-Wielding Man in Neck as He Charged at Husband

The scene began with a confrontation between the man and a couple in their car, still unbeknownst to the public as to how or why. The husband, unarmed, then got out of their vehicle heading towards the man before he was seen backing away as the man charged at him with a knife. As soon as the wife saw, she grabbed her gun and shot the man in the throat, who is currently in critical condition.

“It all happened pretty quick,” a bystander stated. 

Madera Police Commander Gino Chiaramonte stated there was a lethal threat and the aggressive nature of the knife-wielding man led to him being shot.

“It’s not a defense of her but it’s in defense of her husband,” Chiaramonte said.

Although the wife was justified in protecting her husband, the situation arguably is easily avoidable. As seen on the video, the couple had the open road in front of them to leave, and in this case, the car was their best safety before the husband left it unarmed to further confront the man. It was also already nighttime. You want all the advantages for your safety, and here shows an example of putting yourself at a rather disadvantage.

The investigation is still ongoing. Although they could have felt their lives were in immediate danger, was it worth getting out of the car without proper protection on your person? The lethal threat was there but at the same time, it was avoidable on the couple’s end. Thankfully, the wife was able to counter deadly force to her husband with her own.

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