Woman Holding Baby Takes Attackers Gun; Shoots Him

Woman Holding Baby Takes Attackers Gun; Shoots Him

Christopher Druvon Kennedy, 37, was shot by a woman with whom he shared a domestic relationship after he attacked and choked her while she was holding her 9-month-old baby.

South Carolina authorities determined the woman acted in self-defense when she fired on Kennedy. He also attacked another man who tried stopping the violence. While he was fighting the good samaritan, the woman grabbed Kennedy’s firearm that he had on his person. She then fired at Kennedy when he charged at her. All while holding her baby.

Lt. Ryan Flood of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that investigators believe the woman acted in self-defense. Kennedy remains in stable but critical condition and is being charged with first-degree domestic violence, unlawful neglect of a child, third-degree assault and battery, and felony in possession.

It is a cliche to say, but domestic violence never ends well. For this man to be attacking a woman while holding her baby shows how true of a coward he is. As for the woman, she should be hailed as a hero for proceeding with the measures to take the man’s weapon and defend her child, gratefully through the help of a good samaritan. Who knows what could have happened as well for the wellness of the child had Kennedy not been injured.

How exactly Kennedy’s weapon was stowed away is unknown, but presumably, it was not securely holstered. It could be argued the woman could have shot the man right away as she was already attacked, but the act of self-defense most likely heavily strung through for authorities as she fired when he actually charged at her.

Something to think about here is: Do you practice single-handed shooting and drawing? If you don’t, you should. And this story proves why. To dive deeper into single-handed shooting, read the article: Single-Hand Shooting: A Neglected Skill

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