Woman Holds Burglar at Gunpoint After Firing a Warning Shot

Woman Holds Burglar at Gunpoint After Firing a Warning Shot

An Ocala homeowner was inside her residence when she heard a noise by her back door, prompting her to grab her handgun. Once confronting the would-be burglar, the man ran and she followed and fired a warning shot into the ground. The homeowner called deputies when he hid in one of the vehicles on the property.

The suspect who would resist arrest, Domonique Travion Hargraves, 28, was subdued with a Taser by deputies. He faces additional charges including loitering, prowling, and trespass.

Hargraves met his match, quite potentially his maker. The homeowner was certainly justified in grabbing her gun to defend her home, but things get blurry in terms of legality when a warning shot is fired, let alone chasing after the suspect. Once the suspect is running, the threat in a sense is not immediate. Fortunately, the suspect was arrested. On the other hand, she puts herself at risk physically and legally chasing the suspect. It is not known yet if the homeowner will face any consequences.

These actions should definitely be considered as to what is justified for your state. This is not Hollywood where the bad guy is halted after a warning shot. Let’s also not forget you are responsible for every shot that comes from the end of your muzzle. Firing a warning shot into the ground, or anywhere, does not guarantee a safe shot from harming innocent bystanders. It is important to have a plan for an immediate threat and consider the risk of further eliminating them once not significant.

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