Would-Be Robber Shot in the Face After Victim Takes His Gun

Would-Be Robber Shot in the Face After Victim Takes His Gun

A 21-year-old would-be robber shot an unsuspecting 40-year-old victim only to have his gun taken by the same victim who in turn shot him in the face.

The incident occurred in the mezzanine of the B/D station at E. 182nd St., and the Grand Concourse in Fordham Heights, said authorities.

Jeremy Lynch, a neighborhood resident, was in the area and took cover as he heard arguing and then about three shots fired. “One guy could barely move his leg,” Lynch said. “I didn’t see any puddles of blood. All I saw were their feet and hands. It was frantic.” About 50 officers quickly arrived at the scene, Lynch further stated.

The 40-year-old was initially shot in the torso, but law enforcement officers state his injuries were non-life-threatening.

Self-defense can, in turn, come into play by the action of someone else’s gun after engaging in physical contact. Although dangerous even committing this action, the man was already shot, so presumably, he had nothing else to lose in doing so, not to mention one’s fight or flight response. The would-be robber showed the dangers of firing at someone in close proximity. Surely he was unsuspecting himself to have his own gun taken, but this demonstrates the risk of coming into close contact with someone with your firearm.

The would-be robber actually did not die from his face shot. What seemed like a life-ending wound for both of these men actually did not result in either dying.

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